KIXIN-The annual meeting with the theme of "Ride the Wind and Waves, Soar 2021" came to a successful conclusio

Kixin Brand News

Shenzhen KIXIN Electronics Co., Ltd. Held the annual meeting with the theme Of "RidingtheWindandWavestosoar2021"on December31, 2020.

The annual meeting kicked off in the speech of Chairman He Wu, who Reviewed the dribs and drabs of what happened in 2020.Challenges and Opportunities coexist, moving and original intention are always present. The year2020, which has already ended, is an important watershed in the development process of KIXIN Electronics Co., Ltd, as well as a key time coordinate for growth and transformation.

Annual meeting

At the end of the speech, the annual meeting performance officially opened the prelude, the hot atmosphere of the scene, wonderful performances, rich prizes brought KIXIN families into a climax ,let us review the wonderful moment of the annual meeting.

Annual meeting

During the celebration, we looked back and summarized the extraordinary Years of KIXIN Electronics and looked forward to the bright future of KIXIN Electronics with full confidence. KIXIN Electronics will continue to explore forward, live up to the time, unwilling to mediocrity, remain true to our original aspiration to create a more brilliant achievements.

Annual meeting

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