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Founded in 2006 in Shenzhen, China, Shenzhen Huanxi Technology Co., ltd is committed to providing global consumers with High-end mobile digital peripherals that can create a good experience. It includes two brands - KIXIN and HX.

  • 2006

    in the industry
  • 10000

    Factory Area (㎡)
  • 1000+

    Professional staff
  • 100

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To be a global leader in the intelligent transportation industry

The KIXIN is mainly engaged in smart mini projectors. The HX focuses on electric scooters, electric bicycles, etc. As an innovation-driven company, Kixin has been advocating innovation to improve life and strives to make every product close to humanistic care through the realization of creativity. Meanwhile, it plays a leading role in the development and continuous evolution of China's creative industry. Our company is a productive enterprise with independent R&D, sales, production. It has some core patents, mainly R&D and production of the intelligent mini projector, electric scooter, electric bicycles, and other products. We export to many countries and regions, especially North America, the EU, Japan, South Korea, South America, Middle East, etc. Our products sold all over the world, among which 70% to EU and America, 30% to other countries. Now we have the exclusive agent in many countries.

We have a stable capacity with more than 1000 staff on the production line and 20000 square meters area. As an ISO9001 certified company and BSCI factory, with CE, RoHS, FCC certification of our product.


HX History
  • 2013

    HX - Intelligent transportation brand was founded

  • 2014

    As an ISO9001 certified company and BSCI factory, with CE, RoHS, UL, and FCC certification of our product.

  • 2015

    HX-X1 swing car was successfully launched, integrated into the concept of intelligent technology, and adopted the self-balance correction intelligent mode, which makes the riding stability stronger

  • 2016

    HX-X1 swing car was successfully launched with a unique bow-tie concept appearance, subverting the traditional design and leading the trend of the intelligent transportation industry.

  • 2017

    The HX-X6 Smart Backpack E- Scooter and the HX-X2 smart hoverboard were launched.

  • 2018

    X7 off-road king electric folding scooter was launched.

  • 2019

    Expanded the foreign and domestic market of the HX-X6 and X7 to attend the largest Consumer Electronics Show(CES)

  • 2020

    HX-H1 Flying Fish E-bike was launched. Officially entering the electric power bicycle industry.


Company certificate Product certificate
  • German Abe certification

    German Abe certification

  • CE certification of electric scooter

    CE certification of electric scooter

  • FCC certification of electric scooter

    FCC certification of electric scooter

  • Rohs certification of electric scooter

    Rohs certification of electric scooter

  • X7 UL certification

    X7 UL certification

  • X8 UL certification

    X8 UL certification

  • RoHS projector certification

    RoHS projector certification

  • RoHS projector certification

    RoHS projector certification

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  • Kixin
  • Kixin
  • Kixin
  • Kixin
  • Kixin


Intelligent and convenient, make life more fun


To be a global leader in the intelligent transportation industry


Change a life with technology, lead the trend with intelligence

  • Content Operator


    Participate in kixin brand creative content operation, formulate content operation plan, and be responsible for the output of creative content

    According to the operational focus of the stage, combined with the current hot spot, formulate the specific operation plan, write the operation copy, and deploy the implementation

    Responsible for collection and analysis of industry and competitive product information, and promote the adjustment of content operation strategy

    Can accurately identify and deeply understand the market and user needs, and always maintain a keen sense of operation, and constantly improve and enhance the quality of brand content


    Bachelor degree or above, more than 1 year working experience in Internet content operation

    Have solid writing skills, active thinking, can tell stories, can control a variety of writing styles

    Familiar with Internet industry and market characteristics, deep Internet and social media users

    Pay attention to current affairs, be familiar with the characteristics of social communication, and have experience in social communication

  • Overseas Sales Executive


    Responsible for the planning, formulation and implementation of overseas marketing plans.

    Responsible for the development, management and execution of overseas markets.

    Fully responsible for team building in overseas markets


    Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years of sales work experience;

    Familiar with foreign market development and management, project management, channel management;

    English can be used as a working language, good language skills, interpersonal communication skills, and customer research skills; strong innovation and execution, leadership skills, result-oriented, teamwork spirit, overall situation, responsible, enterprising, Actively cooperate with the planning adjustment and implementation of the company's strategy;

    Have entrepreneurial spirit, willing to grow together with the company;

    Overseas work and exhibition experience is preferred.

  • New media operations


    Responsible for the daily content operation and user maintenance of Weibo and WeChat

    Cooperate with marketing plan to develop appropriate new media strategy

    Analyze user feedback data and cooperate with the product department for iterative development


    Strong curiosity, love the Internet (Internet bugs are preferred)

    Imaginative, combined with social hot spots for event operations

    Plain writing skills, good at communicating with other teams

    Quick response and accurate feedback

  • Copywriting planning


    Through the understanding of the market and products, accurately grasp the selling points of the products and the pain points of customers, write attractive copywriting, and improve the sales conversion rate of the products.

    According to the grasp of the product, cooperate with industrial design and graphic design to complete the layout description design of the product details page.

    Get familiar with the company's product line layout quickly, master the company's product information sharing methods, and provide the required product information for various platforms at home and abroad.

    Operate the company's official WeChat, maintain a certain fan growth rate, and regularly push articles and plan activities.


    Have a deep interest and understanding of computer peripherals/high-tech electronic products;

    Majors in media related majors such as marketing and journalism, digital computer enthusiasts are preferred;

    Have a certain understanding of user needs, consumer psychology, and a unique understanding of sns network social interaction;

    Have more than 1 year experience in marketing copywriting planning, familiar with the operation of digital products market, keep up with the trend of technological development, grasp the pace of the latest technological products in the industry, and have excellent brand planning and publicity capabilities.

  • Graphic Designer


    Responsible for the detail page/baby description design and event page design of the company's online shopping mall, Tmall, JD, Amazon, AliExpress and other platforms.


    Proficient in PS, AI, CorelDRAW and other software

    Can bear hardships and stand hard work, strong ability to withstand pressure

    Have a certain art background, have their own design concepts and thinking

    Can independently complete Taobao, Tmall picture processing, baby description design, and event thematic design is preferred!

    Can independently design picture albums, leaflets, leaflets and posters for printing.

    Able to bear hardships and stand hard work, obey the arrangement of superiors, have a sense of teamwork, and get along well with colleagues;

    The company has a complete training mechanism and promotion mechanism. Those who perform well can be promoted to designers and their remuneration can be upgraded to designer level.

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