"We have always believed that 'happy' is something everyone seeks in their hearts. When interacting with our colleagues, clients, and partners, it is important to make everyone feel happy, in order to attract like-minded individuals. Just like our entrepreneurial journey, which began on August 1st, 2006, we embraced the wave of internet entrepreneurship and seized the opportunities of the era. Our founder and team have experienced a series of milestone events and successfully tackled various risks and challenges, achieving significant accomplishments. These achievements are inseparable from the hard work of each colleague and the trust and support of our clients and partners.
Over the past 17 years, we have grown together with our colleagues, clients, and partners. We have been fortunate to accumulate a loyal customer base both domestically and internationally, establishing a strong brand image. Through our relentless efforts and pursuit of excellence in our products, we have gained widespread recognition in the industry. Currently, our 'KIXIN' scooters have shipped over 3 million units, with 36 exclusive distributors, serving customers, institutions, and enterprises in 100+ countries and regions.
We have evolved from a 4-person team to a medium-sized enterprise with 300 employees. Each employee embodies the spirit of 'KIXIN' enterprise: being genuine, diligent in work, and leading a happy life. Being genuine is the cornerstone of our foundation. One's character is the best passport. We strive to maintain integrity, fairness, and kindness, which will lead us to steady progress and peace of mind. Instead of being overly tactful, it is better to be sincere. Good morals will attract good luck and surprises. Only by treating others sincerely can we expect sincere treatment in return. We should approach others with kindness and convey love and goodwill. I believe that as long as each of us is willing to show kindness, it will find its way back to us in some form, and we will experience true happiness and joy.
Being diligent in work means adhering to our bottom line and principles. We should approach everything with a down-to-earth attitude, without daydreaming or making empty promises, but rather working diligently with sincerity. Our company started from Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen and took 17 years of steady progress to reach the scale we are at today, experiencing ups and downs, passing through prosperity. We deeply understand that there are no shortcuts on the road to success.
Leading a happy life is the initial intention behind establishing 'KIXIN'. I often say, 'Hope that life is filled with a happy, optimistic, positive, and sunny attitude. We should maintain this attitude regardless of the time or place. Whether it's success or failure, poverty or wealth, we should always remain happy.' One's happiness does not depend on how much they possess, but on how little they care about. Only by focusing on happy things and letting go of unhappy things can we live happily and joyfully. May everyone have a positive and optimistic mindset in both work and life.
Over the past 17 years, we have always been driven by innovation, striving to lead the industry's development through exceptional product design. Our mission is simple: to spread happiness and encourage a sustainable lifestyle. Not only do we bring a more relaxed and sustainable way of life to our employees, clients, and partners through continuous product innovation, but we also plan to take more actions in social responsibility for sustainable development in order to create a happier, more compassionate, and sustainable future.
The theme of this year's 17th anniversary celebration is 'KIXIN 17th GO TOGETHER!'. It represents the company's rethinking of the future. Standing at this turning point, the theme not only symbolizes the 17th anniversary but also signifies the determination to rejuvenate the 'KIXIN' brand. Let us embark on a new journey together with our classmates, clients, and partners, spreading happiness and facing the unknown hand in hand, growing together! We aim to bring more happiness and convenient commuting products to the world, spreading happiness to everyone's life.
'KIXIN' has always upheld the concept of long-termism. Promoting the popularization of electric scooters and electric bicycles is a long-term goal that may take 10 to 20 years. Our goal is to create high-quality and user-friendly commuting tools through ultimate innovation, lowering the barriers to travel, and enabling more people to experience the joy of riding and enjoy the pleasure of commuting!
Finally, I am excited about the new chapter in our story, and I am glad that everyone can be a part of it. Now, I would like to celebrate this 17th anniversary with my exceptional team. Thank you all!"
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