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Shake industry again, Lasts longer

  • The first embedded removable battery design
  • Advanced off-road grade tires
  • 45km long endurance
  • Several patents are protected
  • Portable folding lasts longer
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Embedded battery
Endurance is more durable

Embedded battery
40 lithium batteries cells
Easy to replace and remove

Automotive-grade kinetic energy recovery system
Automotive power lithium battery
Six smart protection

Technology, reimagine

Folding scooter for quick use
Bring you faster and farther city travel experience

LED display
Preview speed at
any time

Preview speed at any time

High-definition LED screen will let you know
all kinds of situation at any time and
control the scooter situation.

Industrial design paradigm Simple
streamlined sports car design

Design is not only the appearance, but also the ingenuity and
ingenuity from the outside to the inside.

  • Travel Commuter Trilogy

    Glide and relax in the last Kilometer

  • Simple and beautiful

    Simple streamlined sports car design

  • Intimate and comfortable

    Elbow curved pedal integrated design

  • Clever folding

    Simple round buckle design

Lightweight design with
one-handed walk

Tough aluminum alloy body, portable travel
3 second fast folding, pleasant experience.

The use of tough aluminum alloy as the main load-bearing material, low
density but high strength, with excellent thermal conductibity and
corrosion resistance.

Waterproof level IP54

battery revolution

First development embedded battery. Smooth in
the rainy day.

Brake, triple brake

Disc brake system and E-ABS anti-lock system
High-efficiency braking and quick response,
safe and worry-free riding

350W Brushless
high performance motor

10 inch Anti-skid anti-vibration automotive grade vacuum tire

The strongest shock absorption.
Easy through speed bumps
and uneven pavement.

X8 E-Scooter X8 E-Scooter X8 E-Scooter X8 E-Scooter X8 E-Scooter X8 E-Scooter X8 E-Scooter X8 E-Scooter X8 E-Scooter

X8 Electric scooter

X8 E-Scooter X8 E-Scooter
Parameters 8.5inch 10inch
Open size 1073x401x1176mm 1083x401x1186mm
Folding size 1073x401x450mm 1083x401x460mm
Max.range 30-45km 30-45km
Max.speed 25km/h 25km/h
Max.Load 100Kg 100Kg
Flashlight LED highlight front light LED highlight front light
Folding method One step folding One step folding
Charging time 5-6h 5-6h
Charger parameters DC42V/2A DC42V/2A
Motor 250W/350w Optional 250W/350w Optional
Battery Capacity 7.8Ah/10Ah/12.8Ah Optional DC36V 7.8Ah/10Ah/12.8Ah Optional DC36V
Tire size 8.5 inch Vacuum tire 10 inch Air tire
Battery removal method Embedded battery Embedded battery
Display screen LED LED
Climb Angle 15° 15°
Frame material Aviation aluminum alloy Aviation aluminum alloy
Net weight 14.5kg 15kg
Gross weight 16.5kg 17kg
Color Black、Silver Black、Silver

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