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Sports Fashion Smart Electric Scooter

  • Aviation aluminum alloy appearance
  • LED display, digital driving experience
  • Cobra concept design
  • Triple brake system
  • Front and rear 8-inch explosion-proof tires
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Sports fashion

Simplicity without complexity

Bionic design | full screen | light, portable

Let go of yourself,
Going out is going
together Beautiful view

Make good quality by heart

With a simple and open-minded common heart,
you will put down all unnecessary complications
and experience the grandeur and greatness of life

Fashion Design

Mission Runway

Fine workmanship gives
the brand power
Quick to start, safe and
durable without shaking
To awaken the vitality of youth


Single hand go

Take it easily and go where you like
Body density is low and strength is high
It's safe and it's light.

Light travel

Free shuttle to meet the beautiful

Minimalist geometric design
Tenacity and bionic art are combined
All-in-one tough aluminum-
magnesium alloy body"

New energy cell
Six smart protections

The electric scooter has no exposed wiring,
Aero aluminum alloy frame,
Excellent level of appearance,
With the strength of the factory quality cell,
Safe battery performance, long service life,
Ensure safe travel.

Little Cyclone Motor
Give you the thrill
of galloping."

Equipped with 250W motor,
Not only to ensure daily travel use,
Also ensure enough driving speed safety.

Front and rear 8-inch
explosion-proof tires

The longest love confession is company and protection

Car grade explosion-proof tire, good shock absorption,
most of the urban roads and speed bumps can pass
smoothly, wear-resistant anti-skid contour, help you
move forward steadily.

LED display, digital driving

LED control panel, speed, power display, gear display,
vehicle status at a glance.

Anti skid handle design, comfortable and
intimate grip

Simple geometric anti slip handle design, can support
long-term riding, not easy to slip.

Humanized press and dial design

Waterproof finger-dial design, the finger-dial
and car in one control
Press control, accelerate the brake is instant,
simple and convenient.

Heart bright angel eye headlight

The classic geometric headlight design resembles an angel's eye,
When riding on poorly lit roads, a bright headlight makes you feel safer.

Dual brake system multi-directional protection

Anti-lock braking system enables efficient braking and quick response
More worry free power recovery

Waterproof grade IP54,
the pedal can support washing

X5 Electric scooter

X8 E-Scooter X5 E-Scooter
Model X5
Open Size 1056*400*1166mm
Fold Size 1056*400*450mm
Max Range 15km
Speed 25km/h
Motor parameters 36V/250W
Battery capacity 36V/5Ah
Charger parameters DC42V/1.5A
Motor drive Front-wheel drive
Climbing angles 10°
Charging time 2-3h
Tire size 8 inch solid core tire
Net weight About 12kg
Frame material aluminum-magnesium alloy
Head light LED highlighted headlight
taillights Rear LED
Pedal width 150mm
Height of pedal off the ground 130mm
Elevation of pedal chassis from the ground 138mm
Folding way One step folding
Waterproof level IP54
Apply the height 120~200cm
Load range 20~100kg
Hook load 10kg
Color Black

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